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What is healthy hair

What is healthy hair

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The short and bouncy hair

Most often people get into a confusion with long hair and healthy hair. Long hair is not always necessarily healthy hair. ¬†People often face problems of hair fall and split ends when the hair is longer. The problem in today’s life style is that, we are not equipped with enough nutrition to support long hair. There are people who have long hair but their nutrition levels and diet habits are very low. So that directly impacts on the hair and hair starts getting weakened. ¬†Few interesting facts about long hair:

  • There are few studies which found that the long hair is prone to more weakened ends. This is because the nutrition doesn’t reach till the end of it.
  • Few people have openly agreed that the longer the hair the longer the time that they have to spend and most of the times people won’t do it.
  • There are other studies which have confirmed that the longer hair is prone to more pollution causing the hair problems.
  • Experts too advise that the long hair is difficult to wash off, so it becomes even more unmanageable when you don’t wash it properly.
  • Working women often complain that they used herbal henna as a conditioner and hair fall increased. The fact is that when we apply Herbal Henna, it needs to be washed thoroughly. Long hair needs a lot of time to be washed and to get dried as well. So women who do not wash them intensely would get more hair fall issues.

So the one thing that we all need to agree that the shorter the hair is, the healthier the look will be and the better will be managing the hair. When you are prepared to cut your hair shorten and spend half of the time that you spent for that long, thin hair, you bet you can steal the looks with a healthy, bouncing and shining hair. So, the key here is that, cut the crap !! If your split ends are bothering you then cut them a bit more and get ready to grab the attention with new YOU!!